Paris, the city of greatness

Paris. The cultural capital of Europe. The city that loves like no other the arts, the letters, and culture. A city that profoundly inspired some of the greatest writers, thinkers, painters, and poets of our times.

Victor Hugo said, “Respirer Paris, cela conserve l’âme” which simply means that Paris revitalizes the soul. In this great city-monument of culture is all about this website. Ready? Décollage imminent!

Paris, a big city

Paris includes the city of Paris and its surroundings and is located in a basin. The total population of the metropolitan area is more than 13.000.000 and is one of the largest cities in Europe and the world. The area of the city of Paris is estimated at 105,4 square km, while the entire metropolitan area is more than 14.518 square km.

The city of Paris consists of 20 unequal geographical areas (arrondissements), which forms something that looks like a snail shell or coil-with the first compartment (1er arrondissement) being located at the center of the “spiral” and the rest at the outer points of the spiral curve, in the serial number. Each arrondissement is semi-autonomous, has its mayor and town hall.

Speaking of Paris, we could not miss the Seine River. The Seine divides Paris into two unequal banks, rive droite, the right bank and rive gauche, the left bank.

Paris means life

Each arrondissement in Paris has its own character, different aesthetics and hides its own history. As much as it may seem, the concentration of cultural sites in Paris is so wide that even some locals ignore their existence. That’s why it’s important to prepare your visit as best as you can.

  • 1803 Sights
  • 173 Museums
  • <203 Galleries
  • <100 Theaters

In our travel guide, we have classified sites of high interest by geographical criteria (depending on the geographical area) and by category (restaurants, museums, theaters, etc.) so as to make it as easy as possible to access and search for information. To start your Paris tour, select the arrondissement or the category you are interested in. 

ArrondissementNameSurface (km2)

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