Notre Dame de Paris

  • 6 Parvis Notre-Dame - Pl. Jean-Paul II, 75004
  • Métro 4: Cité
  • Free entrance - Guided tours from 10 €
  • Accessible to people with disabilities

😢 The emblematic cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris was devastated by a catastrofic fire on 15 April 2019. The building survived the fire, but unfortunately the wooden roof and the majestic bells were totally destroyed. The cathedral is now closed for works.  

Visit Notre Dame of Paris

Notre Dame de Paris, also known as Notre Dame, is probably the the most famous cathedral in the world. It is a masterpiece of Gothic rhythm, the construction of which lasted 180 years and was completed around the middle of 13th century. It’s 96 meters tall and covers total area 4.800 square meters. It is located right on the Île de la Cité, in the 4th arrondissement.

The emblematic cathedral receives on average of 20 million visitors every year. It figutres on the long list of historical monuments in France and of course it is an UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Notre Dame de Paris is an eyewitness of the history of the French nation. 80 kings, 2 emperors, 5 republics and 2 world wars have gone through its days. Inside its walls, King Henry the Emperor was assigned, Napoleon Bonaparte was named Emperor of France, there took place the memorial ceremony of the great General De Gaulle, George Pompidou, Francois Mitterand, and others.

Damages and clones

The temple was vandalized during the French Revolution, but fortunately the damage was completely restored by the great architect Eugene Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc. Thanks to his work the cathedral is in its present shape.

Despite its impressive appearance, it is neither the largest nor the most historic cathedral in France. In the relative list of the tallest churches in France, it is in the 13th position, while a clone of Notre Dame de Paris is located in Amiens with the difference that Notre-Dame d’Amiens is older, has a height 146 meters and is the most voluminous cathedral in France.


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