Hotels in Disneyland: Disney Hotels

As already mentioned, in Disneyland Paris complex there are also included 7 Disney thematic hotels. Each hotel has its own distinct style and decoration, different amenities and of course different rates. Disney also offers free transportation to and from the parks for all hotels.

Disneyland Paris Hotels : Presentation, rates, reservations. Which Disney hotel to choose ?

Disneyland Hotel

This is the best hotel of the whole complex. The theme and the decoration of the hotel has been influenced by the Victorian era with wooden surfaces, beautiful wallpapers and heavy carpets dominating the area.

The urban legend says that at the bottom of the piano, located in the royal suite of the Disneyland Hotel, there is an autograph by Mickael Jackson.

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The New York Hotel – The Art of Marvelย 

The New York Hotel is curently closed for renovation and its reopening is announced for the 15th of June 2020.

The New York Hotel relooking will create an environment evoking a luxury and contemporary Manhattan establishment which will showcase the Art of Marvel as it has never been done before.ย 

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Disney Newport Bay Club

Another impressive hotel, inspired by New England,USA and decoration elements pointing to the sea and the ships. It has 1098 rooms and is one of the biggest hotels in Europe. It is located within a 1 minute walk of the parks.


Disney’s Sequoia Lodge

This hotel is influenced by the Sequoia National Park in the US. It is surrounded by tall evergreen trees and its decoration is also influenced by nature. It’s just as big a hotel as NewPort Bay Club, but more economical. A great alternative.

Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

In this hotel you will feel like a western star. Saloons, Indians, cowboys, wagons and other elements of the American Wild West make up the scene of this hotel. It is a two-star hotel, and naturally it has fewer amenities than the above. It is a 20 minute walk from the parks, but Disney offers free transportation to and from the parks with buses for all guests.

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe

Santa Fe refers to the classic American motel that is dug into the desert of the American South. The decoration compared to the previous ones is simpler. It has 1000 rooms and it is considered an economical choice. It is located within a 20 minute walk from the parks.

Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch

The last type of accommodation is not a hotel but a bungalow. This campsite is literally nestled in the woods in a beautiful and tranquil landscape in harmony with nature. Davy Crockett Ranch is within a 30 minute walk from the parks and you should note that Disney does not have free transport to and from parks for this accommodation. Therefore you should necessarily have your own car if you choose it.