How to buy cheap Disneyland Paris tickets ?

Learn how to find cheap Disneyland Paris tickets, deals, how to book your family holidays and how to avoid scams and bad surprises. 

Disneyland Paris is a dream destination. A trip to Paris and Disneyland Paris is a lifetime experience that everyone should live at least once in their lives.

Unfortunately, you should know that Disneyland Paris is not a cheap destination.

You should also know in advance that you may need to invest a reasonable amount of money to make this unique trip happen.

Still there are ways to go to Disneyland on a budget. 

Buy cheap Disneyland Paris tickets

8 tips to save you money when booking you Disneyland Paris tickets 🤩

1. Get your Disney tickets only from authorized Disney resellers

Scammers are out there. If the price is extremely low, you should check it twice before you buy it.

2. Schedule your trip in advance and organize thoroughly for your stay

Book your flight/train tickets, your Disneyland Paris tickets and hotels at least 6 months before the trip. Do not leave it for the last minute, because you will pay at least 20% – 30% more.

3. Select the “dead” tourist months for your visit to Disneyland Paris

Flights and hotel prices are soaring during holidays (Christmas, Easter) but also in July and August. For a more economical trip, book your tickets during the periods below:

From Mid-January to Mid-March.
May to early June.
End of September to end of October.

4. Choose the hotel that suits your budget

In Disneyland Paris and in the wider region of Chessy there are at least 15 different hotels. Luxury hotels with many amenities, but also more economical hotels. By reading our detailed guides for all the hotels in Disneyland Paris, you will definitely find one that suits your budget and your needs.

->Hotels in Disneyland Paris

->Partner hotels near Disneyland Paris

5. Choose the right restaurants

In the parks and hotels there are more than 50 different restaurants and cafeterias. As you can see, there are options for all budgets, but most of them are considered expensive.

The following restaurants offer the best value for money:

King Ludwig castle
Annette’s diner
Earl of sandwich
Agrabah cafe
Rainforest café

6. Tickets sold at the gate are the most expensive

Be sure to buy your entrance tickets to Disneyland Paris earlier. Tickets sold in the Disneyland guichets are the most expensive. At the same time, the queues are long, and the wait is tiring. Having bought your ticket before, will save you money, time and trouble.

7. Prepare yourself for rainy weather 🌧

The weather in Paris is quite rainy (for more informations read our post about the weather in Disneyland Paris here). Even during the summer months, rainfalls and storms can still happen. Many travelers are unaware of the rain factor and are forced to buy umbrellas and raincoats at Disney’s stores at extremely high prices. For example, a one-time plastic waterproof will cost you 10€! As funny as it may seem, revenues from waterproofs, umbrellas, and rain accessories are enormous for Disneyland, mainly due to the Parisian weather. 

8. Read our Disneyland Paris on a budget guide 👈

The all-in-one longread for planning a trip to Disneyland Paris on a budget including costs for Disney tickets, hotels, food, shopping.

How to buy cheap Disneyland Paris tickets?