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Disneyland Paris tickets informations and bookings – Last update 09/02/2020

When is the best time to visit Disneyland Paris ?

Disneyland Paris is an ideal destination for any season. After all, the parades and the events in the parks vary according to the season. Also, Disneyland Paris, unlike other theme parks in Europe, never closes. Disneyland is open 365 days a year, 7 days a week. Therefore in the above question, the answer should be  “whenever you wish to go, it will be fantastic!”

But if you choose to book your Disneyland Paris tickets for Christmas or during high season months (mainly July and August), you should book your Disney tickets at least 2 or 3 months in advance so that you can get good rates on both flights and the accommodation packages.

How to book tickets for Disneyland Paris?

For your tickets and booking, you can choose the official Disneyland Paris website. It is considered the safest way to book your tickets and you can easily customize the package to your needs and budget, choosing the hotel of your choice.

If your budget is tight or you are looking for Disneyland Paris deals you should check for Disney authorised tickets resellers like Tiqets. From time to time, you can find great deals in their websites. 

How much are Disneyland Paris tickets ?

Disneyland Paris tickets (Eurodisney) prices vary depending on the season. During summer and during festivities, the only available tickets are the most expensive. 

It is very important to book your ticket as early as possible, if you wish to take advantage of the best possible price. 

Avoid buying your tickets at the entrance of the park because apart from the long queues, you will pay more. 

Tickets sold at the Disneyland counter are the most expensive. 

The table below shows 3 different kinds of tickets. These tickets are available through the official Disneyland Paris website. You will find out that ticket’s rates are more expensive on weekends than on weekdays. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit Disney on midweek, then you better go for it. Less crowdy, less waiting time, better prices 😉

Also note that if you plan to stay overnight in a hotel in Disneyland, there are special packages that include your tickets for the parks. 

Finally, before you book your tickets, read our “How to buy cheap Disney tickets” guide, as well as our must Disney on a budget guide 👈.

Disneyland Paris tickets

Disneyland Paris tickets 2020-2021

The table below applies to purchase of tickets for certain days . Prices vary if you buy your tickets at the gates of the park.

Children from 51€
1 day/ 1 park 

Children from 68€
1 day/ 1 park 

Children from 80€
1 day/ 1 park 

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