Disneyland Paris on a budget 💲📌

How much for a day in Disneyland Paris ? How much are Disney tickets ? How much for transport, food, shopping and accommodation ?

Disneyland Paris on a budget

Last update : 01/08/2020

Disneyland Paris on a budget. The day budget 🧮

Planning a trip to Disneyland Paris is not easy; there are dozens of available options and different packages, and you can easily end spending out hours or even days trying to find the most suitable package for you. 

First thing first that you need to know about Disneyland. Disneyland Paris is not a low-cost travel destination. There are many travel guides and blogs out there trying to convince you for the opposite for their own purposes.  The truth is that if you can afford a trip to Disneyland Paris, you shall consider yourself lucky. That being said, it’s a magical experience that every kid (the child inside you as well 🧒) shall live at least once. With that in mind, we did this analysis in order to help you make this trip on a budget.

In this article, we are going to present a detailed price list of a day at Disneyland Paris- the whole package- that means transport, Disney tickets, food, shopping, and accommodation. This article is the fruit of our personal experience and research. All you need to do is to take out your notebook and prepare now a plan for your trip 😁

Read also here if you are looking for ways and tips to save money 💲 while preparing you Disney adventure

Transport to Disneyland Paris

1. Coming from outside Paris

Disneyland Paris is located 32 km east of the center of Paris. The location is called Marne-La-Vallée, and you can access it by RER, TGV (Eurostar, Thalys), coach or car. If you come from Europe or UK, you shall consider the option of coming to Disneyland Paris by train. The TGV station is located only 2 mins away from the parks and trains in France are quite modern and comfortable. Eurostar and Thalys have direct itineraries for Disneyland and run quite often special promotions for this destination. You can check in the above link if there is a TGV coming directly from your city.  

If you come from outside Europe or from a city which is not connected by train with Paris and Disneyland, you can check the same link in order to find flights and/or coaches to Paris. 

2. Coming from Paris

🚅 If you are in Paris, the easiest way to come is by RER or by car. You can grab the RER A in the stations shown above, and you will need a special ticket for this trip (you can also check our tickets guide here 📄). In the example below, we show the duration and the cost for an itinerary from a central station in Paris (Châtelet-Les Halles) to Disneyland Paris. 

Transport from Paris with RER 💲

Châtelet – Les Halles -> Marne-La-Vallée – Chessy 

Duration : 40 mins

Cost : 7,60€


Download a public transport app like Citymapper on your phone. It will save you in Paris 😉

from Paris to Disneyland-rer

🚌 Otherwise, you can also go to Disney by coach. This is a more convenient way if you plan to go with your family or friends. The coach picks you from a central point in Paris or from the airport (CDG/ Orly),  and takes you directly to Disney. The cost per persone in that case is around 20€-25€, but you can find good deals, if you book your tickets in advance. 

For information and bookings click here 👈

Disneyland Paris tickets

Disney applies dynamic pricing on its tickets. That means that prices vary depending on the season, on the demand, and other data. During summer (and mostly during high season) and during festivities, the only available tickets are the most expensive.

The months of February, March, April, September, and October are often a good time to go as the weather is average and the crowds are not so crazy.

If you have already read our guide, you know how you can get a one day ticket (for 1 park) for 53€/person 👌 

Another good alternative is buying your Disneyland ticket from an official reseller.  If you are lucky and have booked your tickets in advance, you shall find ticket at great prices, including transport from the airport, and access to Disney shows (Wild West Show).

I always suggest checking the prices of resellers like getyourguide.com ⭐ before booking a ticket. 

Children from 49€
1 day/ 1 park 

Children from 64€
1 day/ 1 park 

Children from 73€
1 day/ 1 park 

Food 🍔

In Disneyland Paris you can find restaurants for every budget. Most of them serve fast food, but there are also some buffets that worth your attention. In the following restautants you will get the best value for money rate. 

  • King Ludwigs Castle in Disney Village. There is a menu for only 15€
  • Annette’s diner in Disney village. American diner where you can eat for less than 20€
  • Earl of Sandwich in Disney village. Tasty sandwiches for less than 8€
  • Plaza Gardens in Disneyland Paris Park. Buffet for 35€/person. More expensive but good. 
  • Bistrot Chez Remy in Walt Disney Studios. Bistrot français. Great choice for 32€/person 
  • McDonald’s in Disney Village. Well you know McDonald’s 😋
As you can see, you can have a good meal for less than 15€/person during your day at Disneyland. But don’t forget to make a reservation ❗❗❗
If you are on a tight budget, then picnicking at the park could be a nice alternative. Bring your own food (homemade sandwiches, juices, fruits, etc), and you will find dozens of nice spots in the park for a picnic 🥪🧃 
On-site Disney hotels

A big decision when planning a trip to Disneyland Paris on a budget is whether to stay in an on-site Disney hotel. My opinion is to go all the way 😀. Disneyland hotels are part of the Disney experience. You don’t need to spend many days there, but a couple of nights in an on-site Disney hotel is something that you won’t regret at the end of the day.

All the hotels in Dinsneyland are based on american themes, and are within walking distance of both parks and Disney village (the only exception is Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch). 

The pros when staying in an on-site Disney resort is that you can take advantage of those:

  • Parks’ tickets are included in the booking (no extra fees)
  • Transport to and from the parks is free (hotel – Disney parks connection)
  • Extra magic hours. That means that the parks are only open for the hotel guests during this time. No long queues, more fun 🎢
  • You can take advantage of great deals when booking your accomodation through Disney official website
When coming to the decision of your hotel, Sequoia Lodge is a really good option. In my eyes, it is the best value for money hotel in Disney. You can book a two-beds room for less than 130€ per night.
If you are looking for a more economic choice, you should also check the two budget hotels: Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne and Disney’s Hotel Sante Fe.
Hotels near Disneyland Paris

If you are looking for a lower cost solution for your accommodation, then you should check in the hotels near Disneyland. In that case the hotel Hipark By Adagio Serris-Val d’Europe could be a nice alternative with 2 beds rooms from only 69€/night

Campanile Val de France is another great choice and it is considered by many as the best value for money. You can find deals for 2beds rooms for only 69€/night as well 

Shopping 🎁

And last but not least important, we come to the part that most ignore when budgeting their trip to Disneyland Paris. The shopping. In Disneyland resort there are actually 62 shops and boutiques. You can find anything. Clothes, pins, mugs, paintings, jewellery, toys (way too many toys), photos… you name it, they’ve got it. It’s pretty sure that you will crack too 🙈. 

We are not going to tell you what to buy, this is up to you. But just for your information the average transaction value in Disneyland Paris is around 30€. That means that every client spends around 30💲 during his/her shopping. 

In this part we suggest you to read our post about the best Disney souvenirs to buy for less than 20€. 

Now you can budget your shopping as well 😉.

The bill 📄

Accordingly we come to the conlusion that a day in Disneyland Paris will cost you around 148,10€ per person, if you decide to spend the night there (in a nearby hotel). This amount applies only if you plan carefully your trip, and you don’t book your tickets in the last minute.

If you think that this amount is too much for your budget, then you should consider remove the accomodation, and cut the shopping budget in half. In that case, you should be able to spend a day in Disneyland Paris for less than 100€ 😎

  • Transport to Disneyland from Paris: 7,60€
  • Disneyland tickets : 53€
  • Food : 23€
  • Accommodation : 69€ for twin beds room
  • Shopping : 30€
disneyland paris on a budget-the total

Disneyland Paris packing list 🧳

When preparing a Disney on a budget trip, it’s important to pack the right things with you. You dont’t want to have to buy things like rain ponchos from the shops in Disneyland Paris. For instance, confortables shoes and umbrellas are must. Moreover, we have also created an article with an essential packing list and informations about the weather in Disneyland Paris☔

How long to stay at Disneyland Paris ❓

2 or maximum 3 days is the ideal period to stay at Disneyland Paris as it allows you to have a day in each of the two parks (Disneyland Paris & Walt Disney Studios). Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than 3 days in Disneyland, I prefer spend those days in Paris.  

For bookings and tickets